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Lower Investment, Flexibility, Freedom.

ORBIT offers a complete towing tractor rental option to meet the needs of industrial customers. 


Be it short or long term rental options, we have solutions that fit your specific needs. We understand your concerns during high demand, tight operational hours and regarding asset management, which is why we are confident to have the best solution for every case. 


Rental tow tractor are maintained to ORBIT’s high standards and undergo comprehensive pre-rental inspections to ensure consistent performance and reliable operations. 

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After Sales


Our relationship extends beyond the scope of purchase.

We strive to provide excellent customer service through various services such as:

  • Training

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Spare Part Management


Each addressing your need in order to ensure smooth and safe operation at all times.

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One of our priorities is to keep our customers and users well informed about the proper use of orbit and to which extent our tow tractors can be used. Serving this purpose, we provide both in-class training as well as on-site to educate users on maintenance, usage, safety, and outlying cases.  


True to our commitment to our after sales service, our experienced technicians work tirelessly in an effort 

to restore both our tow tractors and your valuable operations right on time.

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We believe in trouble prevention and proper planning. Our maintenance routine helps prevents unwanted failures. For that, we are available for you to help keep your orbit in check, and always at peak performance. 

Spare Part


Consumables, spare parts, and special accessories can be hard to track and replace when needed.

Understanding this, we provide a full solution when it comes to spare parts. A one stop solution where we track, order, and manufacture your spare parts at important times of need.

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